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Pawn (The Blackcoat Rebellion, #1) by Aimee Carter Review!

Pawn  - Aimee Carter

Kitty Doe is an Extra. Her parents already had one child and then had her. She lives in a group home now. She knows if she doesn't do well in her test she faces a life of hard work and little pay.

The day of her test comes and Kitty is classed as a III. She is devastated. For the life she wants she would have to be a IV and above. After the test when she is in the market, Kitty steals an orange. If she is caught she gets a harsh punishment. She meets up with Benji (her boyfriend) and on their way out they are stopped by a guard. She runs!

Back at the group home she thinks she is safe but when a knock comes she hides. The guard from the market has come for her. When they leave she knows there is only one choice for her and finds work with her friend. That night a Hart (The most prominent family there) comes to her and offers her a chance to become a VII. She jumps at the chance but is it what it seems?? What is the cost of becoming a VII?

OK, I loved this book!! Aimee Carter has created a world that is different, bleak and unique. The people are tested and ranked based on their scores, the higher the rank the better the job. If you cant contribute to society, you are sent Elsewhere. When Kitty is ranked a III, her job is sewer maintenance in a different city. She doesn't want to leave Benji, hence why she goes along with the VII idea.

I loved Kitty, she is witty, brave and a strong willed character. When she realises the cost of her VII she knows she has to go along with what they want or she will die, but she doesn't do things the way the Harts want. I connected with her immediately and was rooting for her the whole way through.

As for Benji!! He was awesome. SO sweet, kind, strong and brave. He adores Kitty and will do anything she wants. He asks her to run away with him but she didn't want to ruin his life so said no. Here is a swoon worthy quote from him!
..."Even if we'd never met, even if you never existed, I would still love you beyond all reason for the rest of my life"....
See!!! Totally swoon worthy ;)

The whole book was full of suspense, heartache, twists and turns. The Harts are heartless. I wouldn't like to be apart of their family. All the backstabbing, lying, murder attempts was just mind bending!! The story was fast paced, intense, heartbreaking, thrilling and intriguing. I cant wait to see what the author has in store for the characters, based on this book it isn't going to be easy. Pawn ended on a cliff hanger so I'm dying to see what happens.