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I'm a mother and wife but mainly a bookaholic. I read mostly Dystopian, Post Apocalyptic, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy and anything Paranormal.
Crave - Melissa Darnell 3.5 stars. I enjoyed Crave but there were a few things that were lacking. I enjoyed the story, it has a half vampire half witch! Its an intriguing concept. he story is told from both Savannah and Tristans POV which I really liked. Savannah is trying to deal with her new powers and trying not to feel like a freak. I liked the fact that its a girl thats the vamp this time and its her thats the danger. She has been told to stay away from Tristan but she cant. Its a nice love story that also deals with how Savannah copes with the new life she has. Ill definitely pick up book 2 to see where the story goes.