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I'm a mother and wife but mainly a bookaholic. I read mostly Dystopian, Post Apocalyptic, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy and anything Paranormal.
Unleashed  - Nancy Holder, Debbie Viguié I read this for the first time last year when it came out and loved it, I love it even more this time! It might not be action packed but the book has so much suspense in it!! I liked Katelyn as the main character. She isn't kick ass but she also isn't a meek little thing. She losses her mother and has to go live with her grandfather in the middle of nowhere. She has to start a new school so her granddad gets someone to drive her there. Enter Trick whos hot, sweet but also mysterious. She makes friends with Cordelia Fenner whose family is very odd and from then on out something happens to Kat that changes her life forever.
I loved everything about this book, it has tons of mystery, suspense and also hot guys!! We get to see Kat grow up alot and deal with alot of heartache. I loved the myths and legends that Wolf Springs has and the mystery surrounding the town. There are so many shady characters and you just dont know "who done it". I highly recommend and look forward to reading more :)