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I'm a mother and wife but mainly a bookaholic. I read mostly Dystopian, Post Apocalyptic, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy and anything Paranormal.
Scorched - Mari Mancusi I have to say firstly that the cover of this book is awesome but whats under the dust cover is even better!! You can pet the dragon and feel her. Its fabulous. Now on to the review!!
Scorched was a real quick read. I love anything to do with Dragons so when I saw that Mari Mancusi was writing a dragon book I knew straight away Id read it. I loved her Blood Coven series.
Trinity is doing everything in her power to try and save her grandfathers museum but he is so kind hearted that he doesn't press people for money owed. He comes home one day with an egg and tells Trinity that its the last Dragon Egg and will save the museum. She is skeptical to say the least and thinks he has been conned. When she sees the egg she is mesmerized with the colour until she hears a noise and turns to the window, she sees men dressed in black and heavily armed coming towards the museum. She thinks maybe the egg was stolen and her grandfather unwittingly bought it but next thing she knows she sees a strange boy in the room trying to steal the egg. The boy tells her she and the egg need to leave or she will die. She eventually leaves with him and the egg and from that moment on her life changes.
What I liked :
I really liked Trinity, she was sincere, brave and just an all round nice normal girl. Her parents are gone and its only her and her grandfather.
Connor and Caleb are twins from the future, sent back to stop The Scorch, but are on different sides. Connor wants to eradicate Dragons but Caleb wants to save them. Both of the boys were awesome in their own way.
The Dragons! The description and the whole idea of them. What more can I say, I love dragons!!!
The idea of the government cloning the Dragons.
The whole Scorched Apocalypse!
What I didn't like :
The love triangle!! Ugh and with twins at that!!!!
Not enough Dragon time. I know its the first in the series but I would of loved to see more Emmy.
The time travel element had me very confused. I thought the rules of time travel were you couldn't tell too much about the future because it would change a whole lot more. I know the boys came back to do that exact thing but still!! The twins basically told her everything about the world they live in.
Everyone kept referring to Trinity as Fire Kissed but it wasn't explained real good. I'm still not sure what it means.
Trinity trusting too easily. I wanted to throw the book at times because she went from trusting Connor to thinking him the enemy within a few pages and then trusting Caleb as well too easily!! It made her come across as too gullible.
Lastly the love triangle! I know I said that already but it really ticked me off and especially with twins. That's a no no!!!

Overall I loved the concept of the book and I liked it but there was too many things that annoyed me for me to love it. Ill still read book 2 to see what happens though.