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Dark Matter Heart (Cor Griffin Bloodsuckers, #1)

Dark Matter Heart (Cor Griffin Bloodsuckers, #1) - Nathan Wrann I won a copy of this from Elle Casey's blog so thanks to her and the author.
Cor just wants to fit in but since his accident he cant. He is weak and sickly because of the sun and trouble just seems to find him. He moves to a new town and starts school where he just wants to be invisible. He meets Taylor and they become friends. Trouble follows Cor from LA and his life gets real complicated.
I am pleasantly surprised with Dark Matter Heart. Ive been wanting to read it since I first heard of it and saw the cover. It started off a little slow but once it got going I was hooked. It kept me guessing right up to when the killer was revealed. Cors character is such a likeable one and I found myself instantly liking him. His friendship with Taylor was awesome and Im looking forward to following it through the next few books. Id definitely recommend to lovers of paranormal and vampire stories though its not your typical vampire one.