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Dehumanized - Michael Loring Received as part of the blog tour in exchange for an honest review.

OK, this book took me nearly a week to read and a few times I thought it would be a DNF but I persevered.
The Lycanthropy disease was created after a lab experiment gone wrong and in the world Michael Loring created everyone knows about Werewolves and are told to stay in on the full moon.
Ryan is at a party and decides to walk home. He knows about the werewolves but hey, it would never happen to him! During the walk home he hears a noise and turns to see a beast. He runs but gets attacked and bitten. he is taken to hospital and from that moment on his life changes. He is taken to the camps that the government have for werewolves. Dehumanized is bout his life behind bars.

Michael Lorings writing is amazing. His attention to detail and the way he writes makes the story come alive. This book is dark, gritty, gory and not afraid of telling the harrowing story of life in the "hell hole" that is the camps. Its not the werewolves that are the monsters in the prison but the guards and the scientists. The inmates are beaten, underfed and experimented on at any opportunity. They are locked up in "The Dungeon" when they need to be punished. The Dungeon is a bare cement cell that's kept as cold as they can and the people are thrown in naked for a week. I really felt for what they were put through.
Ryan's journey in the camp is brutal. He has to fight because any sign of weakness will get you killed. He shares a room with Fred but they don't talk much because Fred doesn't speak much English. Ryan is considered a loner, that is until Anna comes. She ends up in his room as well and he finds himself drawn to her. Their relationship develops and he would do anything to protect her but Dehumanized isn't a love story, that's only secondary. Its a story of surviving against the odds!
While there was so much to like in this book the reason I only gave it 2 stars is because I only liked it not loved it. Its a refreshing take on Werewolves and the Lycanthropy disease but I found the story to drag in many parts. I found myself skimming a lot of the chapters to get to the good bits. The book is 455 pages long and I can understand why there was so much detail but myself I just found it boring and a bit annoying reading kinda the same thing over and over. Like the lunch room was always the same and recess Ryan went to the same place and did the same thing everyday.
All in all it was a good book but I don't think Ill continue on with the series.