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Waterproof - Amber Garr When the author approached me and asked me to take part in the blog tour and review Waterproof I jumped at the chance. It sounded awesome! Well I'm so glad I did!!

Waterproof is told from both Zach and Vees POV. They are part of a group of deserters who are trying to survive in a world where water is scarce. They struggle to find any water and what they do find they usually have to steal. The first chapter of Waterproof jumps right into the action and we see Zach running for his life after stealing some water from other deserters. He escapes with a little bit of water but draws the deserters to their camp. They have to move camp and on their travels finds an abandoned place. They set up base but find themselves surrounded by mercenaries. Vee, Hunter and Max are captured and taken to the one place they tried to avoid in the first place, the factory. They have all heard the rumors about the place, that anyone who goes there doesn't come back. What Vee finds out there shocks her to the core!
Meanwhile Zach has to pose as a mercenary to gain access to the factory and try and save his friends.

I really enjoyed Waterproof. It was action packed and hooked me from the start. The first chapter sees Zach running for his life with a few precious bottles of water. This sets the tone for the entire book and not once was there a dull moment.
I loved Zach and Vee. Zach is so snarky and brave but also so foolish with his life at times. He tends to act first and think later. He draws the other deserters to the camp and has to deal with the consequences. I really liked Vee as well. She is kick ass, she carries and isn't afraid to use a sword!!! She does all she can for the group and will protect them with her life. She has known Zach since they were small and I loved how we saw their friendship progress.
I loved how even though this book is serious, we still had a few "snigger" moments! I was on the edge of my seat the whole way through but still managed a few laughs. For example ~ (This is from an ARC so is subject to change)

"A short, muscular man stepped out of the woods and blocked our path. His straggly hair and growing beard made him look like a dwarf. The stench put him more on par with a pile of manure."

Amber Garr has created a bleak and desolate world where water is scarce and people will do anything for it. It's a world that sucked me in and had me rooting for Zach and Vee. I loved it!! One thing I have to say though is O!M!G!!!! THAT ending!!!! When I read the ending I was like NOOOOOO, it cant end like that. Its a major cliffhanger and I so need book 2 like right now to see what happens!!!