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Wind and Shadow (The Talbot Trilogy, Book 1)

Wind and Shadow - Tori L. Ridgewood Rayvin Woods never thought she would have to come back to the place of her childhood. She left Talbot in a hurry after being accused but acquitted of attempted murder. Now after some harrowing circumstances she has no choice but to return to a place she knows she wont be welcomed.

Grant Michaels is the best friend of the person Rayvin was accused of hurting. He is an officer now and a pillar of the community. He has always pined for Rayvin since high school. Even though he knows he should hate her, he finds himself drawn to her.

Malcolm de Sade had been imprisoned but finally has escaped. He is fixated on a certain girl but wants Rayvin to be his as well. He has a plan that involves her and will do anything to get his way. He is handsome (when he wants to be), blood thirsty and evil but still Rayvin feels drawn to him.

The second Rayvin comes back to Talbot things start happening. Between sink holes, animals dying and people missing, the town of Talbot suspect Rayvin. She has always been different and they call her witch. Rayvin knows the truth and must fight to keep her loved ones safe.

Ok, I went into this not knowing anything about this. The author approached me to review it and once I saw it was about witches I jumped at the chance. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it.

The plot is fast paced. Once Rayvin gets to Talbot things keep happening. There's was times when I was reading it that I couldn't put it down because I had to see what happened.

Rayvin was an awesome character. Strong, sure and capable, she is well able to look after herself. She knows not alot of people will welcome her back but keeps her chin up because she knows what really happened that night. She has had a hard time since she left but she hasn't let it affect her. She is proud to be a witch.

Grant was my favourite. He is strong, handsome, kind and someone you want on your side. He has liked Rayvin since high school and has many a dream about her. The sexual chemistry between him and Rayvin was Hawt!!!! Both feel the pull and both fantasize about each other but will they do anything about it??

Overall I really liked Wind and Shadow. Its a strong start to the trilogy. It was fast paced and well written. The author wasn't afraid to play with our emotions. At times I was reading it and going NOO that cant happen, but it does!! I loved that the author took the risk and did things to certain characters that wasn't expected. It paid off. I will definitely check out book 2 to see what happens.

Recommend for 18+ because of language and sexual situations.