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I'm a mother and wife but mainly a bookaholic. I read mostly Dystopian, Post Apocalyptic, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy and anything Paranormal.
Lady of the Shades - Darren Shan While I found Lady Of The Shades hard to get into starting off it more than made up for it in the second half of the book. We start off with meeting Ed ,an ex-marine and now horror writer, who is invited to London to write his next book by Joe, who Ed met in a fan group online. Ed is plagued by ghosts, they constantly follow him everywhere. Joe invites Ed to a boat party but pulls out at the last minute and Ed decides to go on his own. He meets Deleena Emerson and they hit it off. He quickly finds himself enthralled with her and meets with her most nights. He finds out she isn't whom she seems but is in fact Andeanna Menderes, the wife of Mikis Menderes "The Turk". Eds life changes from that moment on, either for the good or bad you will need to read it to find out!!
It took me ages to get into but this is the first book in a long time where I didn't see the end coming!! It had so many twists and turns that I was left gobsmacked. I kept trying to figure out what was going to happen but completely failed. I ended up really liking Lady Of The Shades simply because it kept me guessing and would highly recommend it to fans of both Paranormal and crime stories as well as the older Darren Shan fans.