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I'm a mother and wife but mainly a bookaholic. I read mostly Dystopian, Post Apocalyptic, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy and anything Paranormal.
Charm - Sarah Pinborough I enjoyed this more than the first.
Charm focuses on Cinderella. She lives with her father, step-mother and step-sister. In this retelling Cinderella still has to do most of the housework but her family does love her and she loves her sister Rose. Her other step sister is married to an Earl.
The king decides to host a ball over 2 days for the prince so he can choose a wife. Every noble born girl is invited. Cinderella isn't noble born and is so jealous and upset when Rose goes. She makes a wish to be able to go and a very familiar woman appears. She grants the wish but with a catch!! All Cinderella wants is to marry the prince and live in the castle no matter the cost. She goes to the ball and with a little help from some enchanted slippers gets her wish.
I loved Charm! There were so many twists and a few familiar faces in it that I flew through the book. I was riveted from the get go. I loved that we got to see a certain mouse in this and we got to see the evil queen from Poison. For me the way both books were intertwined was what added so much more to Charm.
I connected more with this than Poison because I felt there was so much more in this story. I loved Rose. She made the book!! She really loves Cinderella and is so brave and good and kind. Even when her own mother pushes her so hard, she wasn't mean. She forgives Cinderella for what she did and does all she can to help her. I wanted to see more of her and I'm hoping we will because of that ending!!!
The step-mother I liked as well. She really loves Cinderellas father and just wants a better life for them.
I liked Cinderella towards the end but for most of the story she came across not so much as a spoilt brat but more of a self centered, "Whoa is me" kind of a person. She definitely wasn't like the fairytale character!!
For me the best thing about Charm was the secondary characters. They added so much more to the story. I loved Buttons, he was like the Robin Hood of that time.
Sarah Pinborough took a well known fairytale and added a lot more Charm to it. She created a world all of her own which you cant help but love.
Charm is sinfully sexy, dark and a must read. It can be read as a standalone but I strongly recommend reading Poison first so you can get the full glory of the book. I cant wait for Beauty and hope to see some of the characters I have come to love.