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Blood-Kissed Sky - J.A. London After the deadly ending of Darkness Before Dawn we see Dawn in hospital, the citizens of Denver are panicking and not donating blood and Sin is gone for the time been. When Dawn is released she realises the extent of damage the events at the Teen Initiative Party had. Its now being called Hell Night. A lot of kids lost their lives and more are missing. People are blaming Dawn and have no faith in her anymore.

Very few in Denver are donating blood and Dawn knows that if they don't The Thirst will set in. While the Day Walkers are a threat Dawn and Clive think The Thirst is more of a threat and Clive decides to send Dawn to LA to figure how they manage The Thirst and why they are Vampire free. She is also trying to find out any information on Sin because he said he came from there.

She cant tell anyone she is going but she tells Teagan anyway. She is assigned a Night Watchman to be her bodyguard and Ian Hightower, the famous Vampire Hunter, will also be on board the Night Train. On the train she comes face to face with Teagan, who decides to stow away on board to help Dawn. She also faces the fact that her bodyguard is no other than Michael.

She hates the idea of her friends being in danger but has no other choice but to go forward. Along with Ian, the three friends go to LA to get answers but while there they find way more than they bargained for!!

Whoa, this book was so good. I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did. From the reviews its the kinda book you either love or hate. Im glad to say I loved it!!

Dawn is as awesome as always. She is brave to a fault and always looks out for her friends. She is upset with the idea of her friends being in danger and tells Michael to protect Teagan over her. I really like her strength and determination.

Teagan is so messed up after the events of Hell Night. She isn't sleeping and when she does she has nightmares. She is so jumpy but still goes with Dawn to help her and to try to kill Sin. She seems to have grown more as a character since the last book.

Michael was much better in this book as well. He isn't so egotistical. He is a Night Watchman now and knows the protecting people and protecting Dawn is the most important thing. He knows about The Thirst first hand and knows how this mission is very important.

We don't see too much of Victor in this but what we do see left me guessing what way he will be in book 3. The little bit of blood he gets he has to ration carefully among his vamps but he knows he doesn't have enough to satisfy them. If they don't get more blood he knows the vamps will either attack the people or each other.

Sin on the other hand is one of the creepiest, baddest, craziest vampire baddies I've read in a long time. He is totally cuckoo. I cant wait to see what happens next with him. He is one sick twisted dude!!

Overall I loved Blood Kissed Sky, even though Id figured out the twist it didn't detract from the story. With plenty of action, adventure, suspense and vampires its well worth the read. I'm so glad I have book 3 to jump into straight away because I cant wait to see what happens.