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I'm a mother and wife but mainly a bookaholic. I read mostly Dystopian, Post Apocalyptic, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy and anything Paranormal.

Demon Whisperer

Demon Whisperer - Tawny Stokes Really liked this. Caden was in a coma for a year but unknown to everyone his soul was in hell. He picked up a few tricks and now can speak Demon. When he eventually gets out he takes over from his father as an exorcist. He made a friend in hell and now Dan helps him make money by possessing some Hollywood types and Caden exorcises him. When an exorcism goes wrong, Cadens life takes a turn for the worst.
Ive had this on my kindle for a while and not knowing anything about it I decided to read it. It hooked me from the start. Caden is a flawed character, he does questionable things. I loved Cadens and Dans friendship. It was an action packed story and Im looking forward to more.