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Land of No Demons (Dark Ascension, #3)

Land of No Demons (Dark Ascension, #3) - N.R. Wick First of all thanks so much to Elle Casey for holding the contest where I won the complete Dark Ascension books and second thanks the author for drifting such a wonderful series. I absolutely loved this book. Land Of No Demons has everything that a great book should.
Rebecca is finding it easier to manage her powers and along with the other high witches has to find and try to heal the dimensional weak points to stop the Demon of all Demons. What follows is a deadly battle for the world.
I was hooked from the very first page. We see Rebecca and Fox struggling with their feelings, lots more fighting and non stop action with a sprinkling of romance :-) I was so sad with the death of someone in this book because I really liked said person. There's not much else I can say without mentioning spoilers so I'll just say that this series is a gem and everyone needs to read it.