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After The Ending (The Ending, #1)

After The Ending (The Ending, #1) - Lindsey Fairleigh,  Lindsey Pogue I'm still unsure about my rating for this one.
I love Post Apocalyptic books so after reading the synopsis I knew I'd read it. A world wide virus hits and within weeks most of the population is dead. Dani and her boyfriend get the virus but he dies and she barely survives. Zoe, Danis' BFF, is hundreds of miles away and her roommate gets the virus and dies so she decides to send her brother to see if Dani is still alive(he lives near Dani). She is and they decide to meet up in this supposedly safe place. Each group leaves and checks on their own family members along the way.
The virus that killed everyone has changed others. Some of them have become 'Crazies' and some seem to have developed special powers. The Crazies are extremely dangerous and some of the people with the powers have let it gone to their heads and turned bad. Each group has their work cut out for them trying to stay alive.

OK, I wanted to love this, I really did but I have a few WTFudge moments and was like Ugh!! First of all there was the emails between Dani and Zoe. While it was a good idea it kind of fell flat. To me it was like they were just rehashing what we already knew and I found myself skimming most of them. Also how would the internet be working when there was no phones???? And how would they have WiFi everywhere they went? Also the way the girls were about meeting up was kind of obsessive. They would go on their own just to meet up even with what happened and the Crazies.
I hate being negative but so much annoyed me in this book. Dani 'loved' her boyfriend but within days of meeting up with Jason she was fawning all over him. The Crazies were another thing. They weren't explained well, how did they become like that? Maybe it will be explained in the next book though!!

Now saying that, I ended up liking it. The whole Virus giving super powers was unique to me and I liked the idea. Also there wasn't really a dull moment in the book. Something was always happening. The "villians" were really bad which I enjoyed and I liked most of the characters. Overall it wasn't a bad book it just raised a lot of What?? moments. The ending was a real cliffhanger and felt a bit abrupt but it will make you want to read the next book just to see what happens, also the hinting that the virus may not have been natural is another thing that will make you want to pick up book 2.