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A Sleep So Dark

A Sleep So Dark - Inara Scott Since the accident in which her mother died, Tandy suffers nightmares every night. Its gotten so bad that she tries everything not to fall asleep. As a last resort her father signs her up for an experimental sleep retreat where a doctor will monitor a group of teenagers for a week in a remote cabin. Four other teens are signed up, Bodie, Julian. Ione and Katelyn. Dr Gillman, along with his son Cade, takes them to the cabin to start treatment. Unfortunately things don't go as planned and someone ends up dead. The rest are trapped in the cabin because of a freak snow storm. Will any survive and what happens when the dreaming world and the real world collide!!

I went into A Sleep So Dark not knowing anything at all about it. There wasn't a blurb nor had I heard of it before. I've previously read other works by Inara Scott and really enjoyed it, so I jumped at the chance to read this. Well I loved it!!

I really liked Tandy. She tries her best to deal with the nightmares but they are getting so bad that she has no other choice but to go to the retreat even though the idea of staying in a remote cabin scares her. Its her last chance to save and fix herself. She finds herself attracted to Cade but he is very stand offish with her and I loved seeing their friendship progress. It wasn't a case of instant relationship, she had to work to get Cade to open up.

I loved Bodie straight away. He is the kind of friend that puts everyone at ease. He was awesome. He is snarky but has a vulnerable side and I was so sad when I read why he has nightmares and also when I read what happened to him!!

The story itself hooked me. The idea of the dream world being real was something I've never read before. I loved the word building and the atmosphere the author created with her words. It was definitely weird but wonderful.

The only thing that bothered me about the book the only other story we heard was Bodies. We didn't get to see why the rest were having nightmares. Also Cade story wasn't tied up so I'm hoping there's another book coming out!!

Overall I loved A Sleep So Dark. If you want a book that's shrouded in mystery, that's chock full of chills, thrills and suspense, then this book is for you. Its the perfect read for Halloween! Id highly recommend!!