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Inhuman (Fetch, #1)

Inhuman (Fetch, #1) - Kat Falls When I heard of this I knew Id read it because it sounds so different.

Lane lives behind the wall. She has heard the tales of the East. She has heard about the Feral Zones and like everyone else, to her its just a story. She knows the history of why the wall was there but it still doesn't prepare her for whats outside.

The Fereae virus has decimated the world. It caused animals to go feral and turns people into savage animals, literally! The wall in the West was built, by the same company who created the virus, to keep out the ferals.

When Lane finds out that her father is a fetch (someone who illegally goes into the zones to fetch items and sell) and is now on the run from the government she is shocked. She is told that unless her father fetches a certain something he will be killed. She has no choice but to go into the heart of the feral zone to try and find him.

Ok, this book was awesome!! The idea that the people are actually turning into different animals is so unique. Also the virus is mutating people into different mixtures of animals. When lane sees her first Manimal she is shocked. She knows now that the "fariytales" her father told her every night are true and he was secretly preparing her in case she ever had to go there. She sees people with tails and fur and different animal parts on them.

I loved Lane. Her character starts out so afraid of dirt and infection that she has hand sanitizer on hand at all times but soon realises that that's the least of her worries. Her father made her take all kind of survival classes when she was growing up and she is so thankful for them but will they really help her survive, especially when she is up against cunning, vicious animals.

Everson and Rafe were another thing I loved. Everson is a soldier who patrols the border between the Wall and the Feral Zone. He finds Lane trying to cross and instead of turning her in he tries to help. Rafe is at the total opposite of Everson, he is rough and wild and grew up in the zone. Everyday for him is a struggle to survive. He is hunting a vicious rogue Manimal,that is ripping out the hearts of his victims, when he comes across Lane. He knows he father so decides to help her locate him.

What follows is an action packed, fight for survival, fast paced book. The world Kat Falls has created is unique and dangerous. I love the concept of the people being bitten and turning into mishmash animals. The author draws you in with her descriptive writing. It had plenty of twists and enough mystery to keep me satisfied. When I read the ending though I was so sad but hopeful they can fix it. I definitely cant wait for book 2 to see where the author will take it.