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Arrow of the Mist

Arrow of the Mist - Christina Mercer Lias father and a few others in her village have been struck down with a mysterious illness. They get pricked by some thorns and end up getting very sick. Her grandfather knows where the thorns come from, Brume! Its a place shrouded in fog and very few come out of there alive. Lia knows she has no choice but to venture into the unknown to save her father. She sets off with her grandfather, Wynn (her cousin)and Kelvin (her cousins friend)to find a cure but will they be on time?

I went into Arrows Of The Mist not having read too many reviews. I didn't know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised with it.
I really liked Lia, she is well able to look after herself and is brave and courageous. She has no problem going into an unknown place and facing what she has to do. She follows in her grandmothers footsteps and has a gift for plants and healing potions.

The little bit of romance in Arrows Of The Mist was really sweet. Lias love interest was evident from the start but I felt it could of been developed a bit further. We don't get to see alot of Kelvin and his relationship with Lia was basically non existent. I would of enjoyed it better if Kelvin went with Lia instead of Wynn.

Arrows Of The Mist was a quick read. The story progressed really quickly and was action packed but there wasn't much character development though which is why I gave it 4 stars.