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After Daybreak (Darkness Before Dawn Trilogy #3) by J.A. London Review

After Daybreak - J.A. London

Hmmmm, Im verging on a 3.5 stars but I'm still unsure!!

This is book 3 of the series and there may be spoilers for previous books!

Dawn and Michael escape Sin and finally get back to Denver to tell them Sins plan. They are shocked with what happened in LA but have their own worries. Denver is being attacked all the time by Day Walkers. They need to figure out how they are getting in and stop them. 

Dawn has to face the Vamp council to try and get them to help in the coming war and prepare them for whats going to happen. She knows her heritage may put her in danger but sees no other option. She must embrace who and what she is in order to get help. Who will win the war??

Im a bit disappointed with After Daybreak to be honest. 

After all that happened in the last 2 books and all the gearing up for the war, then to not happen?? I felt a little cheated. I was reading this and waiting and waiting for the coming battle and it never came!!!

(show spoiler)

I really enjoyed it other wise but hated the ending. It was way too safe!! 

In the final installment things wrapped up OK albeit a bit boringly safe. I ended up really liking Michael and Teagan. They grew so much from annoying characters to great friends of Dawns. I'm glad they had a happy ending. I really liked Ian and Id love to see a short story about him and his life!! Victor is as awesome as always. He is a worthy hero and I love his relationship with Dawn. 

Whilst there was one or two surprises I found After Daybreak to be less exciting then I thought. There was plenty of awesome fight scenes but I wanted more from this. I wanted heartache. I wanted to be on the edge of my seat. I wanted to see more of Sin and his transformation. He was an intriguing bad guy and I would of loved to see a bit more of him in this but sadly it didn't happen.

Overall Id still recommend this series to people, it reminded me why I love Vampire books and added that bit extra with The Thirst aspect.