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Cold Blooded (Jessica McClain #3) by Amanda Carlson Review.

This is book 3 so there may be spoilers from the other 2. Ive tried to keep it spoiler free but I may unintentionally reveal something!

Cold Blooded can be summed up in one word, Ah-Freakin-Mazing!!!! After the ending of book 2 I couldn't wait to read this. It has fast become one of my favourite series.

This book starts with a bang, literally!!! The sorcerers have created an orb that can track Jessicas signature. It finds her and she is lucky to escape with her life. The witches take her to their compound and while there Jessica learns that her father is in terrible danger and if she doesnt get to him soon he will die. She also learns that Ray is her fathers only hope. The witches give her a spelled car that will mask her as long as she is inside. Both herself and Rourke have to go to the cabin in the woods to meet up with Naomi and Ray. Ray has made the transition but he is different than any other Vampire. Jessica convinces him to go with her and try and save her dad. She makes it to the Vamp Queens compound and what follows is an insane roller-coaster ride!!

Every book in this series so far seems to be getting better and better. When I was reading this I was in a constant state of nervousness and tenseness!! I wanted to devour it but with kids I had to be content with reading whenever I could. 

Jessica is as kick ass as ever and she is still one of my all time favourite characters. She is snarky, tough but so fair with the other supernaturals. I was so glad to see more of her and Rourke together in this. They needed the "me" time to cement their bond and build their relationship. 

We finally find out what kind of cat Rourke is and its awesome!! He is so powerful and his love for Jessica shines through. His mate bond makes him try his hardest to protect Jessica but he knows that that is useless, she is well able to look after herself and she is in constant peril. Poor Jessica never gets a break!!! 

I loved the fact that most of the sects are intermingling and falling for different species, wolf and cat, wolf and witch and is there a wolf and vamp gonna happen??? 

I love Ray. He is such a pain in the ass but is also so brave and true. Him and Jessica get so snarky with each other but you can tell he will do anything to protect people. He is a true cop at heart. His journey is interesting and intriguing. I've never read of anything like him before and look forward to seeing him in the next book. 

Amanda Carlson can sure write a book. She threw in new elements that I loved, like what The Vamp Queen is, Ray and the feral wolves. She is now on my automatic buy list!!! 

So yay, overall, this book rocked!! Its an action packed, edge of your seat, nail biter book!! It has every supernatural being, sorcerers, demons, vampires, witches and wolves. It even has witches with spelled guns. The only down side is I have to wait till next year for the next one!!!